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2024/2025 Season Content

We've got a lot of really exciting content planned for the year ahead. Check it out!

Scotty (OFFICIAL).png

The Scotty Files

High-schooler Scotty McGee is on a quest to understand alien life, and he's prepared to do anything (and violate just about any social boundary) to get there. Follow Scotty Through interviews and misadventures alike in this structural improv comedy series produced in association with Red Dinosaur Productions LLC.

Mordred (OFFICIAL).png


A full-length audio drama series recounting the timeless Arthurian Legend from the perspective of King Arthur's only son.



Short, scary stories to be enjoyed throughout the spookiest month of the year.

Christmas (OFFICIAL).png

Classic Christmas Stories (TOLD FROM MEMORY)

Short, sweet (and often poorly told) retellings of classic Christmas movies and books for the whole family to enjoy.

Northern Lights (OFFICIAL).png

Catching the Northern Lights

Deep in the snowy mountains, a young girl is on a mission to capture the northern lights in a bottle, hoping that it might cure her sickly younger brother. This family-oriented Christmas adventure features themes of love, hope, and family.


One-Shots: Season 2

Brain rot. The sequel.


James: The Story of Captain Hook

In this unique retelling of the classic tale of Peter Pan, listeners will embark on a journey with the man who would become the fabled Neverland pirate, and witness his earliest encounters with the boy who never grew up.


221B: Adventures of the Baker Street Irregulars

Join the plucky gang of street children, the Baker Street Irregulars, in a series of short, episodic mysteries as they desperately try to prove themselves to Sherlock Holmes and John Watson... all while Holmes and Watson try to prove themselves to Scotland Yard.

Wombat (OFFICIAL).png

The Wombat

Follow the incompetent superhero known as "The Wombat" (who has NO similarities to a popular bat-based hero of any kind) as he tries (and likely fails) to thwart a scheme against his city.

This superhero parody is designed for grown-up ears only.

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